Do You Remember?

16 07 2009

R.I.P. Mike!

Do you remember…

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the passing of one of music great icons and the hype around his death is slowly dying down (no pun intended). But even in death it seems he can´t escape controversy and speculation. As my childhood hero Michael Jackson is still held in high regard by myself and some of my close friends. Thats why in light of his passing I want to ask all of you a question.

Do you remember the time???

When the biggest battle on the playground was who could do the best moonwalk, who knew the most Michael Jackson dancemoves.. When you were telling everybody, “thats not the way its done” or “my move was way better”.

Do you remember the time???

When you were proud to be a Michael Jackson fan, and everybody was a fan alongside you. When you sat and watched in awe of that Pepsi commercial where he lifted that truck and trailer. That man was more powerfull than the Hulk!!! Seriously, thats something I can almost remember myself telling someone in the heat of discussion. Michael Jackson vs The Hulk, can you imagine?? Well as a kid I could..

Do you remember the time???

When he ruled the world through his videos and singlehandedly made MTV.. I mean the guy transformed into a car in the ¨smooth criminal¨ video! And everybody was wondering how Michael and the dancers could lean like that and not fall flat on their face. I know you all have seen it happen to someone who tried it, just think back to the same playground I´ve mentioned before. Many tears were shed..

What I remember about that time are simply the good memories that are forever linked to the music of that man. A true artist. Thats how I will remember him.

Like my man allways says, “You can’t HATE, the man made Billie Jean”. So beat it..

Thanks Michael.




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