Freddie Foxxx: Beef Met Rakim en Ander Nieuws

29 09 2006

Bumpy Knucks is er klaar voor.Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles gaat op zijn komede album ‘American Black Man’ een diss-track aan het adres van Rakim zetten. Bumpy Knuckles vertelt in dit interview dat de wrijving tussen hem en Rakim al een jaar of 20 terug gaat maar dat de maat vol was toen Ra in een interview meldde dat Freddie “not that ferocious” is. Dat was duidelijk in het verkeerde keelgat van de man wiens legendarische status praktisch gebouwd is op het feit dat hij altijd zo ‘ferocious’ is (It’s The Militia!!!). Als Ra hier op reageert kan dat nog interessant worden. Krijgen we weer eens een battle tussen hiphop-legendes in plaats van aandachtzoekers.

Condoleances gaan uit naar Run (van DMC) en zijn hele familie. Zij hebben het drama van een overleden kind te verwerken. Vandaag geeft hij een persverklaring.

Nog meer slecht nieuws (niet zo slecht, maar nog steeds behoorlijk minder): Royce Da 5’9 moet een jaar de cel in voor een te hoog promillage. Nou zal ik nooit beweren dat met drank op rijden niks voorstelt maar een jaar de (Amerikaanse) bak in? Waar de meeste mensen er met een boete vanaf komen of hun rijbewijs afgenomen wordt? 

“Sir, this is very serious, your license will be… Oh it’s a rapper? Lock him up!”.




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23 11 2006

I know Freddie, Rakim, Alvin Toney and Snake Bliss. (me and Snake still are in contact to this day)When I first met Ra, it was in 1986 or 87. We were at his moms house in Wyndanch Long Island in the basement playing records and Ra was on the wheels of steel. Besides myself, Snake (who now goes by the name of Rashaun), Ra, Ra’s cousin A.J. and Freddie. While we were down there, Freddie kept saying he wanted to fuck somebody up ALL NIGHT I might add. Everybody kind of ignored him because that was Freddie just poppin shit. Keep in mind that it was around 11pm to 12am in the morning. Later, Ra’s sister told him he had a phone call upstairs. He went upstairs to take the call and we were still downstairs. Ra came back in like a half hour and told us his cousin had some beef in Queens and we was heading out there to see what was going on and handle it. Ra then cut off all the equipment and we went outside to the cars. Freddie had a Cadillac Seville then, I’ll never forget it; it was like a skyblue with a white top. Ra told me to ride with Freddie on our way out to Queens to see what the beef was. Now, keep in mind it’s now like 12:30 in the a.m.!!! At this point, my hand is on Freddie’s passenger door handle waiting for Freddie to pop the lock so I could get in. All of a sudden, Freddie says that he “forgot” to get something for his moms earlier that day. (I can’t remember what it was exactly but it was something that you couldn’t pick up at 12am). Ra tells Freddie that it almost one in the morning, nothing’s open. Freddie said he knew a spot that was open and he could get whatever it was. Ra said “OK” and told me to get into his Benz. (He had the white 190)I got into the Benz with Ra and Snake. As we was driving to the bodega to get some beer, Ra turns down the music and says: “My cousin didn’t have no beef, that was some chick from Queens”. “I said it was beef only because Freddie kept saying he wanted to fuck somethin up so I gave him an opportunity to do so and yall see what happened”. So, don’t be fooled by all that tough talk Freddie is saying now. Like Tupac told Puffy: “You and I know what’s going on”. Peace.

23 11 2006

Peace. True indeed that story is an actual fact. My word is bond and my bond is my life and I will give my LIFE before my word shall fail. Why do you think Freddie hasn’t responded to that story since I first posted it? He has responded to everything else BUT that. This is just a publicity stunt for Freddie to sell some records. I’m not here to diss Freddie but to expose him for what he really is and NOT what he appears to be. I remember back in the day in the “Danch”, circa 87-88, Freddie wasn’t even hangin with us on Straight Path. We used to be at “Jay’s”, the “Motorcycle Club” and mad spots. Me. Rakim, Rashaun (formerly Snake Bliss), I-Ron, Kamel, Big Loce, Big Natural, Divine, the Ramos brothers; Sean and G; I can keep naming names but it isn’t necessary. Freddie knows. That was close to 20 yrs ago and myself and the brothers I just named are STILL cool to this very day. And by the way, those old school battles dude named were different than this one for the cause, those were REAL type battles were BOTH emcee’s had skills and after the battle you could say that was a good one. This isn’t one of them. But, I do applaud Freddy for still grindin in the rap game and trying to do him, but this aint the way homeboy. Peace.

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